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Title : Design and Evaluation of Glipizide Loaded In-situ Gel Formulation Using Natural Mucilages for Improved Bioavailability
Authors : Dalapathi Gugulothu, Suraj Kumar Choudhary
Keywords : Colocasia esculenta; Fenugreek; Floating duration; In situ gel; Oral bioavailability.
Issue Date : Feb 2021
Abstract :
This investigation aims to develop floating in-situ gel formulation of Glipizide (GLP) by employing natural mucilages such Fenugreek (FG) and Colocasia esculenta (CE) combination for improving oral bioavailability and patient compliance. For development of optimized in-situ gel formulation various trails were conducted by employing different concentrations of FG, CE and HPMC; additionally, Calcium chloride is used as cross linking agent and source of Ca2+ ions. Followed by in situ gels were subjected to evaluation of parameters like appearance, pH, floating lag time, floating duration, drug content, in vitro gelling capacity, in vitro drug release. Moreover, the final in situ gel formulation was evaluated to viscosity studies and in vivo pharmacokinetic study. The formulations resulted in optically clear, prolonged floating duration with controlled drug release profile. Consequently; the optimized formulation (F13) was exhibited optimal viscosity and in vivo pharmacokinetic studies exposed that higher Tmax of in situ gel formulation compared to drug suspension which is allusive of slower absorption. However, the AUC0-∞ ng/mL.h was found to be approximately 3.93 folds higher than drug suspension. So; it is indicated that in combination of CE-FG (F13) could be excellent for development of in situ gel formulation. Finally, it was suggested that F13 could eliminate the repeated dose administration and improve the oral bioavailability of Glipizide.
Page(s) : 41-49
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 12, No.02
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DOI : 10.21817/ijpsr/2021/v12i02/211202006