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Title : Prefilled syringe: a review of injectable dosage form delivery system
Authors : Sandip Arun Borse, Ashish Prakash Gorle, Kuldip Patil
Keywords : Extractable, leachable, prefilled syringe, incompatibility, autoinjector, silicone oil.
Issue Date : Jun 2020
Abstract :
Prefilled syringe are convenient device for the drug delivery of parental dosage form. There is easy to makes and delivering the precise dosage of the medication. The content of this review article is component of Prefilled syringe, application of Prefilled syringe, compatibility study of the drug product with the packing material, Extractable and leachable and challenge’s with the Prefilled syringe. This type of knowledge can familiarize the formulation scientist. In the use of Prefilled syringe as both packing and delivery system for pharmaceutical drug product is accelerating. Prefilled syringe must meet the quality, stability and efficacy for both system including with the drug product. In that, the incompatibility study between the drug product and Prefilled syringe including the safety of the drug product. In that the ability of the extractable and leachable to interact with the drug product ingredients and they can affect the safety, efficacy and stability of the drug product.
Page(s) : 167-174
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 11, No.06
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DOI : 10.21817/ijpsr/2020/v11i5/201106012