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Title : Chronology of COVID-19 Pandemic – the Un-flatten Curve
Authors : Mohd Aleemuddin Qumari, Farooqui Shazia Parveen, Md Anzar Alam, Mariyam Ahad
Keywords : Chronology of COVID-19; Pandemic; Influenza like conditions; Unflatten Curve.
Issue Date : May 2020
Abstract :
The COVID-19 pandemic gripped 193 countries including certain territories, though the disease started in Wuhan city China on 17th November 2019 as pneumonia of unknown origin linked to its seafood market, the China health authorities reported it as on 31st December 2019. The coronavirus responsible for the disease is a novel stain observed in human is a spill-over from animals seems to be bats with 96% genomic resemblance indicative of an intermediary host a mammal till not known. Initially, it has considered as human-to-human transmission of infection through contact, later hypothesizing the spread through aerosol infection also. The uncertainty with the disease has little compared with past influenza as if conditions but most of the things associates with this are unpredictable. Now, more than 2 million cases found positive with 2.5 lac cases of death around the world still it is on with meagre recovery rate. The course diseases and its management become a big task for the entire globe. The entire globe is finding the solutions with historical observations and experience, including the use of antiviral, antibiotics, and anti-malarial drugs and plasma convalescent therapy beyond these placenta proteins cells, and mesenchymal stem cell therapy are being under exploration as effective means in the management of COIVD-19.
Page(s) : 87-96
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 11, No.05
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DOI : 10.21817/ijpsr/2020/v11i5/201103025