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Title : Spectrophotometric Determination of drugs in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms by using Tetracyanoethylene
Authors : Bathini.Srinivas, P. Yadagiriswamy, G.Venkateswarlu
Keywords : Drugs, Tetracyanoethylene, charge transfer complexes, spectrophotometry, and validation.
Issue Date : June 2015
Abstract :
A selective ,sensitive ,accurate UV-Visible spectrophotometric methods have been developed for the estimation of drugs viz.,Diflunisal (DFL),Febuxostat(FBT),Metaxalone(MTX),Fexofenadine methyl ester(FME) and Linezolid(LZD) in bulk and their pharmaceutical dosage forms using Tetracyanoethylene (TCNE) as analytical reagent. These method are based on the formation of charge transfer complexes of drugs as n-electron donor with TCNE as p-acceptor .The selected drugs turned the colorless solution of TCNE in Acetonytrile to yellow and exhibited a doublet at 400 & 420nm due to the formation of Complex of drugs with TCNE.Under the optimized experimental conditions ,Beer, s law is obeyed over the concentration ranges of 10-50 g/ml ,5-25 g/ml,15-75 g/ml,5-25 g/ml and 5-25 g/ml for DFL,FBT,MTX,FME and LZD respectively. The effect of reagent concentrations, polarity of solvents and effect of reaction time have been studied and optimized. These methods have been validated in terms of ICH guidelines and applied to the quantification of selected drugs in bulk and dosage forms.
Page(s) : 1002-1010
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 6, No.6