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Title : Role of Varunadi Kvath along with Tab. Chandraprava and Tab. Gokshuradi Guggul in a case of Mutrashmari (Renal Stone)
Authors : Bera Pabitra Kumar, Majumder Madhumita, Kar Pulak Kanti
Keywords : Mutrashmari, Renal Stone.
Issue Date : May 2015
Abstract :
Urinary calculus is commonly known as Kidney Stone. In Ayurvedic literature, it is mentioned as Mutrashmari. Mutra means urine, Ashmari means stone. It is troublesome complaint which may become an emergency at any point of time. It is the 2nd most common disease of urinary tract. The classical symptom of urinary stone is pain with obstruction of urine. The other symptoms of this disease are pain in abdomen, burning micturation, haematuria etc. According to Ayurvedic classic the aggravated Kapha mixed with urine leads to formation of stone in the Basti, predominantly due to high Vata-Vitiation. Hence in this present clinical study Varunadi Kvath (decoction of Crataeva nurvala main ingredient) along with some Ayurvedic preparation have been selected for the management of Mutrashmari (Renal stone). In this study the drugs were administered to the patient for consecutive 6 months. The result of this study were found encouraging. Further study in large sample should be carried out to establish the role of said therapy in particular type of disease.
Page(s) : 891-896
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 6, No.5