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Title : Biological study of the extract of some species of vitex agnus-castus ( kafmurium ) grown in Egypt
Authors : Abd El-Aziz A. Diab, Zeinab .I. Elsayed, Mansor.H.Zahra, Amr A. Shalaby, Elsayeda F. E. Mohamed
Keywords : -
Issue Date : February 2015
Abstract :
Objective: the study was designed to comparative the effect of alcoholic extract of vitex agnus –castus species and two types of hormone replacement therapy on female sex hormones and lipogram on overctomized female albino rats or during menopausal. Methods: the plant samples were collected from the garden of faculty of science & garden of faculty of pharmacy of Zagazig University.The fresh plant ( aerial parts) macerated with 95% ethyl alcohol then evaporated by(labrota 4000-efficient).dose taken for 14das The selected dose is 16 gm /1000gm. Results: the result were referred to group(3) were treated with (0.225gm of vitex agnus –castus"alba")showed significant increase in progesterone & estrogen and showed significant decrease in lipogram when compared with controlled group and other groups which treated with the other types of vitex plant and with double doses but group (7) were treated with klimadynon drug showed marked significant increase in progesterone, estrogen and lipogram. Conclusion: the group was treated with (one dose daily for 14 days of vitex agnus- castus"varieties"Alba" given the best result increase female sex hormones and decrease lipogram.
Page(s) : 227-233
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 6, No.2