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Title : “ Enhancement of Solubility of poorly water soluble drug by solid dispersion technique”
Authors : V.R.Tagalpallewar, M.A.Ughade, Dr.N.H.Indurwade, P.G.Kubare, A.A.Chintawar
Keywords : Solubilisation, solid dispersion, Polyehylene Glycol, bioavailability, dissolution rate etc.
Issue Date : February 2015
Abstract :
Atovaquone and Satrinidazole has poor solubility resulting in low oral absorption hence low oral bioavailability. Hence to improve the solubility of poorly Atovaquone and Satrinidazole , hydrophilic polymers were used to enhance the dissolution by solid dispersion technique. Polyehylene Glycol 4000 and PVP k30 used to enhance the dissolution of both the drug by Solubilisation. Many alternative techniques have been used to improve such bioavailability; this study thus employed the simple solid dispersion technique and incorporated excipients which can increase the bioavailability of these drugs directly enhancing the dissolution rate of the drug and indirectly by reducing particle size.The aim of present work is to enhance the dissolution of poorly water soluble drug by using solid dispersion technique. To improve the dissolution rate, by using the various concentration of carrier or matrix with drug and hence ,improve the bioavailability of poorly water soluble drug by formulating solid dispersion.To enhance the solubility of poorly water soluble drug ,by means of solubilising agent. In case of poorly water soluble drug , dissolution may be the rate limiting step in the process of absorption. In such case ,we can improve their solubility and dissolution rate.To study the effect of surfactant on the solid dispersion of poorly water soluble drug.
Page(s) : 352-361
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 6, No.2