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Title : Liquisolid Dosage System: A Novel Approach for Dosage formulation
Authors : Sudarshan B. Aher, Dattatraya M. Shinkar, Ravindra B. Saudagar
Keywords : liquisolid compact ,poorly water soluble drugs, carriers, bioavailability.
Issue Date : January 2015
Abstract :
In the drug development enhancement of oral bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs is one of the most challenging aspects of drug. The pharmaceutical industry face the problem poor dissolution characteristics of water insoluble drug. these problem solve by applying recent techniques “powdered solution technology” or “liquisolid technology”, for prepare water-insoluble drugs into rapid-release solid dosage forms. Design and formulation of this approach is prescribed according to new mathematical model given by spires et al. the solubility is Increasing by using a non-volatile solvent which is suitable for drug, their by dissolving the drug in the non volatile solvent it is termed as liquid medicament. This case, the drug is in a solid dosage form, it is held within the powder substrate in solution or, in a solubilized, almost dispersed state, which contributes to the enhanced drug dissolution and release properties. Liquisolid system is characterized by flow behavior, wettability, powder bed hydrophilicity, saturation solubility, drug content, differential scanning calorimetry, Fourier transform infra red spectroscopy, powder x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, in-vitro release and in-vivo evaluation.
Page(s) : 74-79
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 6, No.1