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Title : Clinical efficacy of Kumkumadi Ghrita prepared by Kesar and Nagakesar on Mukhadushika (Acne vulgaris)
Authors : PK Prajapati, Amrutia A, Rohit Sharma, BJ Patigiri
Keywords : -
Issue Date : November 2014
Abstract :
Introduction: In spite of large number of treatment options for Mukhdushika (Acne vulgaris), efforts are still carried out by medical society to bring out more effective treatment. Kumkumadi Ghrita (KG) is one of the highly valued formulations among Ayurvedic physicians, commonly recommended in Mukhdushika. Kesar (stigma of Crocus sativus Linn) is a prime ingredient in the formulation. Due to high cost and increased adulteration trends in Kesar, another botanical ‘Nagakesar’ (stigma of Mesua ferrea Linn.) is suggested by Ayurvedic experts as an substitute, which have relatively low cost and possess similar therapeutic attributes like Kesar. However, no published work has been available till date on comparative clinical efficacy of KG prepared by Kesar and Nagakesar.
Aims and Objectives: To evaluate the comparative clinical efficacy of Kesaryukta (with Kesar) Kumkumadi Ghrita (KKG) and Nagakesar yukta (with Nagakesar) Kumkumadi Ghrita (NKG).
Materials and Methods: Sixty known patients of Mukhdushika of both genders were selected. Both KKG and NKG were used as external application by Abhyanga (massage) for 15 minutes and keep it for 10 minutes and then wash face by Besan (Gram powder) once in a day, for 4 weeks duration. Suitable diet and lifestyles modifications were advised along with the therapy. The obtained data was analyzed statistically by applying paired ‘t’ test.
Results and conclusion: Both groups of KG were found effective in treatment of Mukhdushika. Though, on signs and symptoms, KKG showed comparatively slightly better effect; on overall comparing the clinical efficacy of both groups, statistically no major difference was found. Since NKG is highly cost effective than KKG, present study warrants the use of Nagakesar in place of Kesar for preparation of KG.
Page(s) : 806-811
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 5, No.11