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Title : Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Chitosan Based Omeprazole Mucoadhesive Buccal Tablets
Authors : Amit E. Birari, Dhiraj A. Khairnar
Keywords : Omeprazole, mucoadhesive buccal tablet, Chitosan, HPMC K4M, Carbopol 934.
Issue Date : October 2014
Abstract :
The present study is concerned with formulation and evaluation of mucoadhesive buccal tablets containing proton pump inhibitors drug, Omeprazole to circumvent the first pass effect and to improve its bioavailability with reduction in dosing frequency and dose related side effects. The tablets were prepared by direct compression method. Nine formulations were prepared with Chitosan as primary polymer and Carbopol 934, Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC K4M) and Xanthan gum as a secondary polymer. All formulations were evaluated for weight variation, hardness, surface pH, drug Content uniformity, swelling index, and bioadhesive strength and in-vitro drug dissolution study. Physical compatibility studies showed no evidence on interactions between drug, polymers, and excipients. The in vitro release of Omeprazole was performed under sink conditions (Phosphate buffer PH 6.8, 37±0.5șC, rpm 50) using USP dissolution apparatus type II. The best in-vitro drug release profile was achieved with the formulation F8 which contains the Chitosan combine with Xanthan gum. The surface pH and swelling index of formulation F8 was found to be 6.8, and 60 %, respectively.
Page(s) : 630-638
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 5, No.10