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Title : Anti-peroxidative and Biochemical Protective Activity of Khaya Senegalensis Stem Bark Extract on Rats Fed Pesticideinfused feed
Authors : Mhya, DH, Umar, IA, Onyike E.
Keywords : Anti-peroxidative, Biochemical parameters, Pesticide, Khaya senegalensis, rats.
Issue Date : July 2014
Abstract :
Anti-peroxidative and biochemical protective activity of aqueous extract of Khaya senegalensis stem-bark on rats fed pesticide-infused feed was investigated. Animals were fed with cypermethrin-infused feed at a dose of 300mgkg-1 feed for 42 days. Different groups of animals were co-treated daily with 50mgkg-1, 100mgkg-1 and 200mgkg-1 body weight (bwt) of plant extract orally. The extract control group received 200mgkg-1 bwt plant extract while the pesticide control animals were fed with cypermethrin-infused feed. Serum biochemical parameters, lipid peroxidation marker; malondialdehyde (MDA), and antioxidant enzymes; catalase (CAT) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) activities were measured. Serum levels of ALP, AST, ALT, Urea, and MDA were elevated in the pesticide control animals as well as decreased activities of CAT and SOD as compared to co-treated, normal, and extract control rats. Our investigation showed that daily oral dose of aqueous extract of Khaya senegalensis stem-bark administered along pesticide-infused feed consumption produced significant (p<0.05) protection in a dose-dependent increase. The study shows that pesticide (cypermethrin) induces lipid peroxidation and also alters biochemical parameters. Aqueous extract of Khaya senegalensis stem-bark may contain biologically active components that play a protective role against pesticide-mediate alternation of biochemical parameters and also exhibit anti-peroxidative activity in rats.
Page(s) : 385-390
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 5, No.7