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Title : Fast Dissolving Oral Film: A Novel and Innovative Drug Delivery system
Authors : Ankita Keshari, Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma, Dr.Nayyar Parvez
Keywords : noninvasive, dysphagia, oral fast dissolving film
Issue Date : March 2014
Abstract :
The oral route is more suitable than other route of administration of therapeutic agents due to low cost of therapy and ease of administration and of patient compliance. This is noninvasive method and produce less side effect. There are some oral solid dosage forms like capsules and tablets. In geriatric, pediatric and dysphagia like patients find it difficult to swallow capsules and tablets and cannot take their medicines as prescribed manner. In some condition such as, sudden allergic attack, coughing, motion sickness, fear of choking and an unavailability of water, the swallowing of capsules or tablet or may become difficult. To overcome from these types of problem, the pharmaceutical industries are design and develop the new type of drug delivery system such as fast dissolving drug delivery systems. This innovative Oral fast dissolving film is a new dosage form in which a thin film is prepared by using hydrophilic polymers with suitable excipients. The film dissolved quickly in mouth without taking of water. The oral films are prepared by the solvent casting method or hot melt extrusion.
Page(s) : 92-95
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 5, No.3