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Title : Effect of additives and solvents on inhibition of crystallization in transdermal patches containing repaglinide
Authors : Aishwarya B.S Vakadapudi, Balaji Gummidi, Sudha Thamrapalli
Keywords : Repaglinde patche, polymers,crystallization,plasticizers,solvents
Issue Date : February 2014
Abstract :
Repaglinide is used as antidiabetic drug it has half- life of 1 hour and bioavailability in the body is 56% due to first pass metabolism. The total daily dose of Repaglinide is 16 mg (e.g., 4 mg four times daily depending on meal patterns), hence it required frequent dosing. Because of its low halflife repaglinide has to be administered more frequently to maintain the plasma levels. This may lead to reduction in patient compliance or sometimes the patient may fail to take the drug. Therefore a modified dosage form of Repaglinide is preferred over a conventional dosage form. Hence in our present work we planned to formulate Transdermal Patches of Repaglinide. The most commonly encountered problem in transdermal patches is crystal growth during the process of drying the patch or during its storage. This work was aimed at finding out the effects of additives on crystal growth inhibition. Various trails were conducted by using different formulations such as placebo trails by following single blinded tecnique using HPMC and HPC, and povidone as polymers,various solvents and plasticizers. Seventeen formulations (F-1 to F-17) were prepared by using differnts solvents and polymers to observe the crystallization on patches and finally the most prefered formulation which inhibits the crystallization has been selected.
Page(s) : 25-30
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 5, No.2