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Title : Effect of antituberculosis treatment on human liver
Authors : Preeti Dharmik, Ashok Gomashe, Radha Dolas, Trisha Dhargave
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Issue Date : February 2013
Abstract :
Antituberculosis treatment is the common cause of drug induced liver injuries or hepatotoxicity in the patients. It has been proved in many studies that the effect occure due the elevated level of the liver enzymes like ALT, AST, ALP.The study was carried on the patients of DOTs centre at Shree Ramjivan Choudhary Medical Hospital and Research Centers and all the estimation were done in Sarasvati Pathology laboratory, Mahal, Nagpur. During three months observation the elevated level of the liver enzymes like ALP and SGPT has been detected in most o the patients. Out of 20 patients, who include 14 males and 6 females, the elevated level of SGPT was found in two males. One male showed the levels of both the enzymes and reported to have drug induced hepatitis. In females no such effects was found on the liver as the level of the enzymes were found raised but the levels were within the normal range. Thus, it can be concluded that the antituberculosis treatment impose hazardous on the patients liver leading to hepatotoxicity or drug induced liver injuries, most commonly drug induced hepatitis. Results obtained vary for person to person depending upon the immune response mounted by the individual.
Page(s) : 5-9
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 4, No.2