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Title : Formulation And Characterization Of 5-Flourouracil Matrix Tablets Using Natural Polymers For Colon Specific Drug Delivery
Authors : Yaswanth Allamneni, P Dayananda Chary, S Chaitanya Kumar, Venkata Balakrishna Rao N, Arun Kumar Kalekar
Keywords : 5-flourouracil, natural polymers, matrix tablets, multilayer tablets.
Issue Date : March 2012
Abstract :
Purpose: The objective of the present investigation is to develop colon targeted drug delivery system by using combination of natural polymers as a carriers for 5-Flourouracil (5-FU). Site-specific delivery of 5-FU to the colon overcomes the side effects associated with the parenteral delivery of the drug, which include gastrointestinal toxicity, hematological and neural disorders and cardiac manifestations. Methods: Matrix tablets containing various proportions of Pectin and Xanthan gum were prepared by direct compression technique. Multilayer tablets were formulated using pectin as release controlling layers, on either side of 5- Flourouracil matrix tablets. The matrix tablets were evaluated by different In Process Quality Control tests, content uniformity and in vitro drug release study. Comparison of pectin multilayer tablets collected at the end of test performed in the presence or absence of pectinolytic enzymes made it possible to visibly appreciate the effect of enzymatic activity on the the aspect of the residual matrix. Results and Conclusion: The FTIR spectra’s study revealed that there were no interaction between polymers and drug. The tablets passed all the pharmacopoeial tests. The matrix tablets containing various proportions of Pectin and xanthan gum failed to control drug release in the physiological environment of the stomach and small intestine. On the other hand, multilayer formulations were able to protect the tablet cores from premature drug release. The multilayer tablets in the presence of pectinolytic enzymes, undergoes a faster erosion process which resulted in marked increase in the drug release rate.
Page(s) : 336-347
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 3, No.3