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Title : Formulation Development of Aceclofenac Tablets Employing Starch Phosphate -A New Modified Starch
Authors : K.P.R. Chowdary, Veeraiah Enturi, A. Sandhya Rani
Keywords : Starch Phosphate, Aceclofenac, Dissolution Rate, Formulation Development
Issue Date : April 2011
Abstract :
Purpose: The objective of the study is to prepare, characterize and evaluate starch phosphate, a new modified starch as a carrier in solid dispersions for enhancing the dissolution rate of aceclofenac. The feasibility of formulating solid dispersions of aceclofenac in starch phosphate into compressed tablets with enhanced dissolution rate was also investigated. Methods: Starch phosphate was prepared by reacting starch with di-sodium hydrogen orthophosphate anhydrous at elevated temperatures. Solid dispersions of aceclofenac in starch phosphate were prepared by solvent evaporation method employing various weight ratios of drug: starch phosphate such as 2:1(SD-1), 1:1(SD-2), 1:2(SD-3), 1:3(SD-4) and 1:9(SD-5) and were evaluated for dissolution rate and efficiency. Aceclofenac (50 mg) tablets were prepared employing aceclofenac alone and its solid dispersions SD-3 and SD-4 by wet granulation method and were evaluated. Results and Conclusion: All the solid dispersions prepared gave rapid and higher dissolution of aceclofenac when compared to pure drug. A 51.89 and 107.03 fold increase in the dissolution rate (K1) of aceclofenac was observed with solid dispersions SD-4 and SD-5 respectively. The DE30 was also increased from 2.50% in the case of aceclofenac pure drug to 69.43% and 79.83% in the case of these solid dispersions. A 4.01 and 18.35 fold increase in the dissolution rate (K1) was observed with tablet formulations containing solid dispersions SD-3 and SD-4 respectively when compared to plain tablets. Starch phosphate could be used as a carrier to enhance the dissolution rate of aceclofenac from its solid dispersions as well as tablet formulations.
Page(s) : 124-129
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 2, No.4