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Title : LC-MS Method Development and validation for the estimation of Felodipine in human plasma and Stability studies of freeze thaw analyte.
Authors : V.Sreedevi, Putta Rajesh Kumar, Rajesh Thatavarti
Keywords : Felodipine, LC MS method, Pantaprazole and Freeze thaw cycles.
Issue Date : February 2011
Abstract :
Purpose: A simple reverse phase liquid chromatographic and mass spectroscopic analytical method has been developed and validated for estimation of felodipine in plasma. Methods: The separation was carried out on Princeton SPHER C18 (150 x 4.6 mm i.d. of 5) as Stationary phase, Mobile Phase: Acetonitrile : 2mM ammonium acetate Elution mode : Isocratic A: B= 80:20% v/v Flow rate: 0.8 ml/min using SPD M-10AVP photo diode array detector at 38.10 nm. Results: The described LC MS method was linear over a concentration range of 0.8-13.0ng/ml. Pantaprazole was used as internal standard. The felodipine and pantaprazole showed retention factor of 2.97 respectively. The limit of detection (LOD) and the limit of quantification (LOQ) for felodipine was 0.10 ng/ml, 0.50 ng/ml and for pantaprazole 0.06, 0.21 ng/ml respectively. The stability of the drug spiked human plasma samples during three freeze thaw cycles were stable in plasma for about one month when stored at frozen state. Conclusions: The results of the study showed that the proposed LC MS method is simple, rapid, precise and accurate, which is useful for the estimation of felodipine in bulk fluids and biological plasma sample analyte with accuracy and reproducibility.
Page(s) : 65-73
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 2, No.2