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Title : Formulation, Development and In-Vitro Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Buccal Patches Of Methotrexate.
Authors : Rohit Chaudhary, Md. Shamim Qureshi, Jitendra Patel, Uttam Prasad Panigrahi, I.C.Giri
Keywords : Mucoadhesion, Bilayered film, Methotrexate, Buccal patch.
Issue Date : October 2010
Abstract :
The goal of present investigation was to design and evaluate mucoadhesive bilayered buccal devices comprising a drug containing mucoadhesive layer and a drug free backing membrane. Bilaminatd patches composed of mixture of drug (Methotrexate) and sodium alginate alone or in combination with sodium carboxy methylcellulose,Polyvinylpyrrolidine and carbopol 934 and backing membrane (Ethyl cellulose).The patches were fabricated by solvent casting technique and were evaluated for In-Vitro and Ex-Vivo drug release. The patches were evaluated for film weight uniformity, thickness, swelling index, surface pH, mucoadhesive strength and mucoadhesive time and folding endurance. A combination of sodium alginate with carbopol-934 and glycerol as plasticizer gives promising results. The optimized patch exhibit an in vitro release of 82% through cellophane membrane and 70.78 % through buccal mucosa with satisfactory mucoadhesive strength and mucoadhesive time.
The release kinetics of formulation also studied .The release kinetics through cellophane membrane was Higuchi while in buccal mucosa it is zero order .From Higuchi model we can say the mechanism of drug release is diffusion control .The ex vivo also fitted to Korsmayer-Peppas equation which characterize the release mechanism. The value of n is more than one so release was non Fickinian i.e. not depends upon concentration gradient.
Page(s) : 357-365
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 1, No.9