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Title : Evaluation of Surface anesthetic action of Aqueous Extract of Piper Betel leaf On Rabbit Cornea
Authors : Dr.T.Jayasree, Dr.Shaikh Ubedulla, Dr.Harini K, Dr.Shankar.J
Keywords : Corneal reflex, Piper betel (betel leaf), Light reflex, local anesthetic activity, Rabbit cornea, Soxhelts apparatus. Xylocaine.
Issue Date : July 2014
Abstract :
Aim: Piper betel Linn. (Piperaceae) commonly known as betel leaf and the habit of betel chewing is widely prevalent in most parts of India. It is claimed to have aphrodisiac, laxative, antimicrobial, mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and euphoric properties and proven antimutagenic and anti-carcinogenic effect. It is commonly observed that chewing of betel leaf produces numbness in the mouth, suggesting a possible local anesthetic effect. This observation prompted us to take this study . The aim of the study was to evaluate the local anesthetic activity of betel leaf extract after autoclaving the extract of betel leaf. Materials and methods: Extract of plain betel leaf, was tested for surface anesthetic activity using rabbits. Aqueous extraction of Piper betel leaf (AEPBL) done by Soxhelts apparatus .Twenty male Rabbit’s were taken and divided in to four groups each group contain 5 animals, Group I - Standard (2% xylocaine), Group II - Test 0.3% (AEPBL), Group III - Test 0.6 % (AEPBL),Group IV - Test 12 % (AEPBL) was instilled in conjunctival sac of right eyes. Standard protocol was followed to elicit light reflex, corneal reflex and to measure pupillary size after instilling the test drugs in the eye. There was dose dependent increase in onset and duration of local anesthetic activity with 6% and 12% doses of alcoholic extract of Piper betel leaf. Results: Betel leaf showed significant surface anesthetic activity comparable to that of Xylocaine. Conclusion: As a surface anesthetic, the onset was as quick as xylocaine and the duration was shorter than xylocaine
Page(s) : 402-405
ISSN : 0975-9492
Source : Vol. 5, No.7